The Performance of Jazz Autobiography

  title={The Performance of Jazz Autobiography},
  author={D. Stein},

Sound Recording Technology and American Literature

Phonographs, tapes, stereo LPs, digital remix - how did these remarkable technologies impact American writing? This book explores how twentieth-century writers shaped the ways we listen in our

Of Witches and Monsters, the Filth and the Fury: Two Australian Women’s Post-Punk Autobiographies

The last few years have seen a sudden upsurge in punk and post-punk memoirs and autobiographies by musicians, in Australia and internationally, both women and men. The 1970s cultural movement of punk

(Re)Writing Contemporary Cantonese Heritage Language and Identity: Examining MC Jin's ABC Album

Abstract:Debuting in 2001, Cantonese-English bilingual rapper Jin Au-Yeung, better known as MC Jin, has been a longstanding figure in the Asian American hip-hop community. His professional and

"Freaky" Asian Americans, Hip-Hop, and Musical Autobiography: An Introduction

Abstract:This introduction uses the life, music, and autobiography of Fresh Kid Ice (from the 2 Live Crew) to frame a central objective in this themed cluster of essays, titled "Asian American

Musical Autobiographies: An Introduction

Crack openMo’ Meta Blues: The World According to Questlove, and you’ll find yourself in the middle of a conversation between the subject of this autobiography, Ahmir “Questlove” Thompson, the drummer

Jazz and the critical potential of heteronomous expressive form

This dissertation shows how the socio-musical interaction involved in jazz work relates to ideas of a progressive, more empathetic and communicative, form of social organisation. Ruling out the

Doing (things with) sounds: introduction to the special issue

This special issue aims at analyzing music as a site of social semiosis, i.e., at investigating the manifold ways in which music is constituted as a socially shared event. The papers collected here

“They might read a fly speck”: musical literacy as a discursive resource in Louis Armstrong's autobiographies

Jazz has been described as a music in which the “oral” element plays a crucial role, in opposition to Western “classical” music, seen as a chiefly “written” tradition. Although such an image is



Theory Versus Autobiography

Louis Armstrong and the Syntax of Scat

618 Early versions of this paper were presented first in May 2000 at “Rhythm-a-ning: A Symposium on Jazz Culture” and then in December 2000 as a lecture at the Center for Jazz Studies, both at

Satchmo: My Life in New Orleans

"In all my whole career the Brick House was one of the toughest joints I ever played in. It was the honky-tonk where levee workers would congregate every Saturday night and trade with the gals who'd

Beyond Category: The Life And Genius Of Duke Ellington

This biography draws on the thousands of pages of scrapbooks, letters, business records, musical manuscripts, and photographs in the Duke Ellington archives at the Smithsonian Institute. Both the