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The Perceptions of Elementary School Principals and Teachers Regarding Retaining Teachers in a Large Urban School System

  title={The Perceptions of Elementary School Principals and Teachers Regarding Retaining Teachers in a Large Urban School System},
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Influence Matters: The Link between Principal and Teacher Influence over School Policy and Teacher Turnover

This study outlines the relationship between teachers’ and principals’ perceptions of their influence over policies within their school and teachers’ actual employment decisions—specifically,

Recruiting and Retaining Black Teachers to Work in Urban Schools

The purpose of this article is to examine teacher preparation from the perspective of novice Black teachers. While all teachers, regardless of race, can be trained to be effective teachers of Black

Retaining Teachers in Challenging Schools

What Do School Leaders Need to Know About Retaining Good Teachers in Challenging Schools Much of value can be learned from identifying work conditions and strategies of principals who are successful

A Longitudinal Investigation of the Relationship between Teacher Preparation and Teacher Retention.

Few issues in education threaten the nation as seriously as the present and growing shortage of teachers. Teacher attrition is high among teachers across the nation and is one of the most serious

One More Time: How Do You Motivate Employees?

It's a manager's perennial question: 'How do I get an employee to do what I want?' The psychology of motivation is very complex, but the surest way of getting someone to do something is to deliver a

Georgia weighs teacher incentives

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Millennials to teaching profession: Shaping up

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Beginning Teachers' Perceptions of Mentoring, Climate, and Leadership: Promoting Retention through a Learning Communities Perspective

Often viewed as a recruitment issue, the teacher shortage is better defined as a retention issue. This three-year study examines teacher retention through a professional learning communities