The People's Mic as a Medium in Its Own Right: A Pharmacological Reading

  title={The People's Mic as a Medium in Its Own Right: A Pharmacological Reading},
  author={Marco Deseriis},
  journal={Communication and Critical/Cultural Studies},
  pages={42 - 51}
  • Marco Deseriis
  • Published 2014
  • Sociology
  • Communication and Critical/Cultural Studies
The People's Mic—a collective amplification of individual voices in public gatherings—has become a hallmark of the Occupy movement. Because those who join the Microphone in call and response occupy simultaneously the position of medium and that of addressee, the Mic allows us to return to an ancient notion of medium as a middle ground that is associated with the public and the common. Extending a pharmacological trajectory in media theory that goes from Jacques Derrida to Neil Postman to… Expand
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