The Peasant Nightmare: Visions of Apocalypse in the Soviet Countryside

  title={The Peasant Nightmare: Visions of Apocalypse in the Soviet Countryside},
  author={Lynne Viola},
  journal={The Journal of Modern History},
  pages={747 - 770}
  • Lynne Viola
  • Published 1 December 1990
  • Biology
  • The Journal of Modern History
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Hegemony and the Peasantry
ence peasantry of Oriente. The rural Berber population of Kabylia, which shouldered most of the inhuman burden of the Algerian revolution, played a similar role in the eventual victory of the F.L.N.
For examples, see P. Fedin, Klassovaia bor'ba v derevne (Voronezh, 1929)
    30 above), p. 19; A. I. Ermolaev, Kollektivizatsiia i klassovaia bor'ba v Leningradskoi oblasti (Moscow, 1931), p. 48; Sovetskaia iustitsiia
      For example, Istoriia kolektivizatsii sil's'kogo gospodarstva Ukrains'koi RSR, 2:545; Kollektivizatsiia i razvitie sel'skogo khoziaistva na Kubani
        For information on literacy rates among different peasant strata in the 1920s, see V. A. Kozlov, Kul'turnaia revoliutsiia i krest'ianstvo
        • 1983
        Dokladnaia zapiska Kolkhoztsentra v TsK VKP (b) o kolkhoznom stroitel'stve v 1928-1929 gg
        • Materialy po istorii SSSR
        • 1959