The Patriot War of 1837-1838: Locofocoism With a Gun?

  title={The Patriot War of 1837-1838: Locofocoism With a Gun?},
  author={A. Bonthius},
  journal={Labour/Le Travail},
  • A. Bonthius
  • Published 2003
  • Sociology
  • Labour/Le Travail
  • This paper presents a reinterpretation of the causes for the US Patriot movement of 1837-38, which rose up in support of the Canadian rebellion in Upper Canada (UC) initiated by William Lyon Mackenzie (the companion rebellion in Lower Canada is not considered in this paper since its causation was arguably considerably different). Most traditional treatments of this event, by US historians in particular, are stuck in narrative mode and lack convincing interpretation and analysis. The US Patriot… CONTINUE READING