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The Path: What Chinese Philosophers Can Teach Us About the Good Life

  title={The Path: What Chinese Philosophers Can Teach Us About the Good Life},
  author={Michael. and Puett and Christine and Gross—Loh},
Beyond the in-between: Rei Kawakubo at The Met and the clash between eastern and western concepts in fashion studies
The 2017 exhibition Rei Kawakubo/Comme des Garçons – Art of the In-Between at the Metropolitan Museum in New York exposed the rich work of the iconic Japanese fashion designer Rei Kawakubo to a
Cause and Effect in Political Polarization: A Dynamic Analysis
Polarization is both a description of the current state of politics and a dynamic path that has rippled across the political domain over decades. We provide a simple model that explains why
Language and Politics in India and China: A Cross-Cultural Comparative Study 1
: This paper provides insights into the relationship between language and politically relevant aspects of culture in India and China which are as follows: attitude toward revolution and tradition,
Journal of Contemporary Eastern Asia
Dominant approaches to designing morally capable robots have been mainly based on rulebased ethical frameworks such as deontology and consequentialism. These approaches have encountered both
In this paper, I delineate a variety of questions related to personal identity and ontology. I develop and compare the Confucian conception of the person and the view of the person developed
On behalf of Pascal: A Reply to Le Poidevin
  • Sebastian Gäb
  • Philosophy, Art
    European Journal for Philosophy of Religion
  • 2020
When we were on the subway back from his lecture, I said to Robin: “I’m not sure there actually are any religious fictionalists.” We keep talking about them in papers and lectures, acting as if
"Excuse Me, Robot": Impact of Polite Robot Wakewords on Human-Robot Politeness
This paper presents a study that demonstrates how an alternate style of wakeword, i.e., “Excuse me, Robot” may allay concern, by priming users to phrase commands as Indirect Speech Acts.
Creativity in the Analects: how to break the rules in the right way
The tension between creativity and conformity or innovation and tradition is evident in various passages of the Confucian Analects and has received significant scholarly attention. Among portrayals
Blame-Laden Moral Rebukes and the Morally Competent Robot: A Confucian Ethical Perspective
It is argued that a truly socially integrated and morally competent robot must be willing to communicate its objection to humans’ proposed violations of shared norms by using strategies such as blame-laden rebukes, even if doing so may violate other standing norms, such as politeness.
What is Global Competence, and What Might it Look Like in Chinese Schools?
What exactly does it mean to be globally competent in a Chinese context in the early 21st century? In this article, we propose a culturally informed re-interpretation of ‘global competence’ rooted in