The Partitions of Poland and the Crisis of the Old Regime in Prussia 1772–1806

  title={The Partitions of Poland and the Crisis of the Old Regime in Prussia 1772–1806},
  author={William W. Hagen},
  journal={Central European History},
  pages={115 - 128}
  • W. Hagen
  • Published 1 June 1976
  • History
  • Central European History
The partitions of Poland can be likened to an assassination per-petrated on a victim who had long before succumbed to an al-most suicidal indifference to the dangers besetting him. Yet this episode in the “diplomatic slaughterhouse,” as Ludwig Dehio termed it, did not merely signify the demise, alternately ignominious and heroic, of an antiquated, quasi-medieval state which, at its height, had measured itself confidently against Habsburg Austria, striven for power in Russia, and scorned the… 
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