The Parma High School Epidemiological Survey: obsessive-compulsive symptoms.

  title={The Parma High School Epidemiological Survey: obsessive-compulsive symptoms.},
  author={Carlo Maggini and Paolo Ampollini and Silvia Gariboldi and Peggi Cella and L Peqlizza and C. Marchesi},
  journal={Acta psychiatrica Scandinavica},
  volume={103 6},
OBJECTIVE This study was undertaken to assess the prevalence of obsessive-compulsive symptoms in a population of Italian adolescents. METHOD A sample of 2877 high-school students, 1463 males (51%) and 1414 females (49%), aged 16-21 years were assessed with the Leyton Obsessional Inventory--Child Version (LOI-CV). Two groups of subjects were defined as 'positive' on the screen: the high interference (HI) (i.e. all subjects who scored 25 or more in the interference score), and the supernormals… CONTINUE READING


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