The Parliamentary Activity of John Major, 1990–94

  title={The Parliamentary Activity of John Major, 1990–94},
  author={June Burnham and George Jones and Robert A. Elgie},
  journal={British Journal of Political Science},
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A recent article in this Journal (Patrick Dunleavy and G. W. Jones with others, ‘Leaders, Politics and Institutional Change: The Decline of Prime Ministerial Accountability to the House of Commons, 1868–1990’, 23 (1993), 267–98) demonstrated a clear secular decline in prime ministers' accountability to Parliament. It examined the frequency with which prime ministers from W. E. Gladstone to Margaret Thatcher accounted directly to MPs by answering oral questions and making statements, major… 

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This paper explores the parliamentary activity of six Canadian prime ministers from St Laurent to Mulroney. Employing Hansard, each parliamentary utterance by a prime minister from 1949 to 1993 has

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Little is known about comparative innovations in question time procedure in Northern Ireland. This research provides an exploratory analysis of 1,999 oral questions to the First Minister and Deputy

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ABSTRACT The relationship between governments and legislatures is founded upon a confidence agreement, whereby the executive derives its authority from, and is accountable to, the legislature. As

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Views from the media, the public, and from inside Parliament have expressed discontent with, reportedly, recent high levels of personally antagonistic behavior in Prime Minister’s Questions. The

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The article considers the accountability of the Italian Parliament in the light of empirical findings using data collected by methods originally associated with studies by Dunleavy, Jones and others

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'Playing the man, not the ball' in its literal sense relates to a sporting encounter, typically where an individual directs physical aggression towards an opponent rather than the expected and

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This article analyses the manner in which the Parliaments of France, the UK and Greece have reacted to the process of European integration. It is argued that their reactions display an incremental

Questions to the PM versus questions by the PM: an examination of the state and nature of ‘Punch and Judy’ politics during PMQs at Westminster

ABSTRACT We know about what the public thinks of PMQs, and we know an increasing amount about questions to PMs. However, very little is known about the nature and state of questions that the PM asks

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There is a long-standing argument that in Westminster-style systems parliaments are in decline. The frequency with which the head of government intervenes in parliament is one indicator of this



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John Major sprang to notice when he suddenly became Prime Minister after Margaret Thatcher resigned. This biography looks at the man and the politician. The author has previously written biographies


The observable quantities in an optical experiment are influenced by the fractal dimension and the average cluster size of mutually self-similar gels. We study the scaling properties of the

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