The Parallel L-Machine for Symbolic Computation

  title={The Parallel L-Machine for Symbolic Computation},
  author={B. Buchberger},
  booktitle={European Conference on Computer Algebra},
  • B. Buchberger
  • Published in
    European Conference on…
  • Computer Science
In this lecture we report on the present state of a parallel machine project pursued in the CAMP-LINZ working group since 1978 (see (Buchberger 1978)). Four basic components have been developed that can be combined f lex ib ly for building large parallel machines of arbitrary interconnection topology (Buchberger 1983). On these machines the parallelism inherent in (symbolic) algorithms should be completely exploitable. For example, in (Bibel, Buchberger 19B4) and (Aspetsberger 1985) some… Expand
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