The Paleozoic Origin of Enzymatic Lignin Decomposition Reconstructed from 31 Fungal Genomes

  title={The Paleozoic Origin of Enzymatic Lignin Decomposition Reconstructed from 31 Fungal Genomes},
  author={Dimitrios Floudas and M. Binder and R. Riley and K. Barry and R. Blanchette and B. Henrissat and A. Mart{\'i}nez and R. Otillar and J. Spatafora and J. Yadav and A. Aerts and I. Benoit and A. Boyd and A. Carlson and A. Copeland and P. Coutinho and R. D. de Vries and P. Ferreira and Keisha Findley and B. Foster and J. Gaskell and Dylan Glotzer and P. G{\'o}recki and J. Heitman and Cedar N. Hesse and Chiaki Hori and Kiyohiko Igarashi and J. Jurgens and Nathan M Kallen and Phil Kersten and A. Kohler and U. K{\"u}es and T. K. A. Kumar and A. Kuo and K. LaButti and L. Larrondo and E. Lindquist and A. Ling and V. Lombard and S. Lucas and T. Lundell and Rachael Martin and D. J. Mclaughlin and I. Morgenstern and Emanuelle Morin and C. Murat and L. Nagy and M. Nolan and Robin A. Ohm and A. Patyshakuliyeva and A. Rokas and F. J. Ruiz-Due{\~n}as and G. Sabat and A. Salamov and M. Samejima and J. Schmutz and Jason C. Slot and Franz J. St John and J. Stenlid and H. Sun and S. Sun and Khajamohiddin Syed and A. Tsang and A. Wiebenga and D. Young and A. Pisabarro and D. Eastwood and F. Martin and D. Cullen and I. Grigoriev and D. Hibbett},
  pages={1715 - 1719}
  • Dimitrios Floudas, M. Binder, +68 authors D. Hibbett
  • Published 2012
  • Biology, Medicine
  • Science
  • Dating Wood Rot Specific lineages within the basidiomycete fungi, white rot species, have evolved the ability to break up a major structural component of woody plants, lignin, relative to their non–lignin-decaying brown rot relatives. Through the deep phylogenetic sampling of fungal genomes, Floudas et al. (p. 1715; see the Perspective by Hittinger) mapped the detailed evolution of wood-degrading enzymes. A key peroxidase and other enzymes involved in lignin decay were present in the common… CONTINUE READING
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