The PLATO Antarctic site testing observatory

  title={The PLATO Antarctic site testing observatory},
  author={Jon S. Lawrence and G. R. Allenb and M. C. B. Ashleya and C. Bonnera and S. Bradleyc and X. Cuid and J. R. Everetta and L. Fenge and X. Gongd and S. Hengsta and Julita Huf and Z. Jiangf and C. A. Kulesag and Y. Lih and D. Luong-Vana and A. M. Moorei and C. Pennypackerj and W. Qinh and R. Riddlek and Z. Shangl and J. W. V. Storeya and B. Sunh and N. Suntzeffm and N. F. H. Tothilln and T. Travouilloni and C. K. Walkerg and L. Wange and Ji Yane and J. Yange and H. Yangh and D. Yorko and X. Yuand and X. G. Zhange and Z. Zhangh and X. Zhouf and Z. Zhue},
Over a decade of site testing in Antarctica has shown that both South Pole and Dome C are exceptional sites for astronomy, with certain atmospheric conditions superior to those at existing mid-latitude sites. However, the highest point on the Antarctic plateau, Dome A, is expected to experience colder atmospheric temperatures, lower wind speeds, and a turbulent boundary layer that is confined closer to the ground. The Polar Research Institute of China, who were the first to visit the Dome A… CONTINUE READING


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