The PIRO concept: P is for predisposition

  title={The PIRO concept: P is for predisposition},
  author={Derek C. Angus and David Burgner and Richard G Wunderink and Jean Paul Mira and H. Gerlach and Christian J Wiedermann and Jean-Louis Vincent},
  journal={Critical Care},
  pages={248 - 251}
This report is based on the transcript of a roundtable debate held at the 23rd International Symposium on Intensive Care and Emergency Medicine, Brussels, Belgium, 18–21 March 2003. The participants of the debate were David Burgner (Perth, Australia), Richard Wunderink (Memphis, TN, USA), Jean-Paul Mira (Paris, France), Herwig Gerlach (Berlin, Germany), Christian J Wiedermann (Innsbruck, Austria) and Jean-Louis Vincent (Brussels, Belgium).