The PADL-1.0/2 system for defining and displaying solid objects

  title={The PADL-1.0/2 system for defining and displaying solid objects},
  author={Herbert B. Voelcker and Aristides A. G. Requicha and Eugene E. Hartquist and W. Fisher and J. Metzger and Robert B. Tilove and N. Birrell and W. Hunt and G. Armstrong and T. Check and R. Moote and J. McSweeney},
  booktitle={SIGGRAPH '78},
PADL (Part and Assembly Description Language) is a language for defining solid objects via constructive solid geometry, i.e. as (regularized) set-theoretical compositions of primitive solid “building blocks”. The current processor for Version 1.0 of the language accepts PADL statements either in batch or in keyboard-interactive mode and produces line drawings of objects on CRT's and plotting devices. A variety of drawing styles is available: dimensioned orthographics, perspectives, section… CONTINUE READING

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