The P2Y(6) receptor stimulates bone resorption by osteoclasts.

  title={The P2Y(6) receptor stimulates bone resorption by osteoclasts.},
  author={Isabel R Orriss and Ning Wang and Geoffrey Burnstock and Timothy Arnett and Alison Gartland and Bernard Robaye and J. M. Boeynaems},
  volume={152 10},
Accumulating evidence indicates that extracellular nucleotides, signaling through P2 receptors, play a significant role in bone remodeling. Osteoclasts (the bone-resorbing cell) and osteoblasts (the bone-forming cell) display expression of the G protein-coupled P2Y(6) receptor, but the role of this receptor in modulating cell function is unclear. Here, we demonstrate that extracellular UDP, acting via P2Y(6) receptors, stimulates the formation of osteoclasts from precursor cells, while also… CONTINUE READING
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