The Oxford Handbook of Religious Conversion

  title={The Oxford Handbook of Religious Conversion},
  author={Ines W. Jindra},
  journal={Sociology of Religion},
  • I. Jindra
  • Published 1 June 2015
  • Philosophy
  • Sociology of Religion

Interpreting conversion in antiquity (and beyond)

Correspondence Andrew S. Jacobs, Center for the Study of World Religions, Harvard Divinity School, Cambridge, MA, USA. Email: Abstract This essay explores the persistent

The Anthropology of Christianity and the Dividual Self: Spiritual Flow, Physical Mobility, and Embodied Callings

In Quebec (Canada), the plural religious landscape has strengthened a rhetoric that structures time, space, and morality dichotomously. In local Pentecostal congregations, identity narratives echo

19. Uncovering Habitus in Life Stories of Muslim Converts

This book is a rich and mul� faceted collec� on of twenty-eight chapters that use varied lenses to examine the discourses that shape people’s lives. The contributors are themselves from many

‘We Will Revive’: addiction, spiritual warfare, and recovery in Latin America’s cocaine production zone

Abstract Once a key site in the War on Drugs against cocaine, the Upper Amazon in northeastern Peru has lately seen an increase in addiction to coca paste, a toxic by-product of the cocaine

“When your heart is touched, it’s not a decision”

This is a qualitative study of 17 Iranian Muslim converts to Christianity residing in Canada. The study asks how the sample narrativizes the meaning of religious conversion in their lives. Analysis

Revisioning Buddhism as a Science of the Mind in a Secularized China: A Tibetan Perspective

Tibetan Buddhism is one of the fastest growing religions among Chinese in the twenty-first century. The transnational teaching activities of numerous Tibetan lamas attest to this religious trend in

Conversion and the Real: The (Im)Possibility of Testimonial Representation

This essay argues that through testimonial discourse converts construct social reality as an answer to the impossibility of ‘the real’ in their performative discursive practice.

Contesting Inter-Religious Conversion in the Medieval World

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