The Osteology of Embolophorus dollovianus, Cope, with an Attempted Restoration

  title={The Osteology of Embolophorus dollovianus, Cope, with an Attempted Restoration},
  author={Ermine Cowles Case},
  journal={The Journal of Geology},
  pages={1 - 28}
  • E. C. Case
  • Published 1 January 1903
  • Geology
  • The Journal of Geology
THE Pelycosaurian fauna of the Permian beds of Texas has been described from fragmentary material in very large measure, from fragments of the skull, from isolated portions of the vertebral column, and from separate limb bones; rarely is any large portion of one animal found preserved. The result has been the almost inevitable description of different portions of the skeleton of forms belonging to the same genus and species under different names. This fact has been very apparent in the attempt… 
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Superdense CO2 inclusions in Cretaceous quartz–stibnite veins hosted in low-grade Variscan basement of the Western Carpathians, Slovakia

CO2 inclusions with density up to 1,197 kg m−3 occur in quartz–stibnite veins hosted in the low-grade Palaeozoic basement of the Gemericum tectonic unit in the Western Carpathians. Raman