The Origins of the BRAIN Initiative: A Personal Journey

  title={The Origins of the BRAIN Initiative: A Personal Journey},
  author={Rafael Yuste},
  • R. Yuste
  • Published 2 November 2017
  • Psychology
  • Cell
Reframing cognition: getting down to biological basics
The articles in this collection illuminate different aspects of basal cognition across different forms of biological organization, from prokaryotes and single-celled eukaryotes to plants and finally to animals, without and with nervous systems, the focus of Part 2.
Psychology and Neuroscience: Problems of Integration
  • M. Sushchin
  • Psychology
    Russian Journal of Philosophical Sciences
  • 2019
This article deals with the question of a proper methodological strategy of interaction between psychology and neuroscience. In recent decades, due to the intensive development of neurosciences, the