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The Origins of High-Tech Venture Investing in America

  title={The Origins of High-Tech Venture Investing in America},
  author={William J. Abernathy},
The United States has developed an unparalleled environment for the provision of high-tech investment finance. Today it is reflected in the strength of agglomeration economies in Silicon Valley, but historically its origins lay in the East Coast. Notably, immediate post-WWII efforts to establish the American Research and Development Corporation created a precedent for “ long-tail” high-tech investing. This approach became institutionalized in the United States over subsequent decades in a way… Expand
Cost of Experimentation and the Evolution of Venture Capital
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Corporate governance, accounting transparency and stock exchange sizes in Germany, Japan and «Anglo-Saxon» economies, 1870–1950
  • L. Hannah
  • Business
  • Zeitschrift für Unternehmensgeschichte
  • 2019
Abstract Modern discussions of corporate governance have focused on convergence of «varieties of capitalism», particularly the recent «Americanisation» of laws and voluntary codes in Germany, Japan,Expand
What do venture capital and private equity firms do? Some current and historical examples
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Mezzanine Financing : A Comparison between the Finnish and International Financial Market Regulation
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L'évolution institutionnelle du capital risque dans l'environnement du Web 2.0 : une étude comparative et transdisciplinaire
Le sujet developpe dans cette these pose comme objectif de repondre a trois problematique resumables par une correlation entre trois points principaux :(a) la relation entre l'usage des nouveauxExpand


Venture Capital and Firm Performance Over the Long-Run: Evidence from High-Tech IPOs in the United States
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Growth Capital‐Backed IPOs
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Endogenous Technological Change
  • P. Romer
  • Economics
  • Journal of Political Economy
  • 1990
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