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The Origins of General Nursing

  title={The Origins of General Nursing},
  author={Christopher J. Maggs},
A brief history of nurse education in the UK The Nightingale Model
The issue in which I am interested is the assessment of nurse knowledge, skills and competence, and ways in which formative assessment can promote more effective learning. In this critical review of
Murder, Mental Illness, and the Question of Nursing ‘Character’ in Early Twentieth Century England
Sentenced to life imprisonment on each count of murder, Beverly Allitt remained a patient at a forensic psychiatric hospital; a review of her case in 2007 recommended that she be detained there for a minimum of thirty years.
Medical care in the workhouses in Birmingham and Wolverhampton, 1834-1914
The study provides a new perspective on medical care in workhouse infirmaries by showing how standards varied over time within the same institution and how medicalisation of the workhouse began in the early years after the New Poor Law.
‘It was Florence Nightingale by torch’: military nursing traditions and Australian nurses in Vietnam
The author’s personal opinion is not necessarily that of an expert on the subject, but that of a person who has had a personal experience with the subject.
Caring, control and compliance: nursing's struggle to be audible
Examination of nursing’s history and the roots of the embedded attitudes of and towards nurses offers the expectation of its use by nurse educators to better prepare future practitioners to take on the challenge of influencing national healthcare policy in Britain.
Gadamer's two horizons: listening to the voices in nursing history.
It is argued that the current method of interpreting nursing history, through the revisionist lens of what Patricia D'Antonio calls 'the mighty triumvirate of race, class and gender', makes a crucial omission.
In safe hands : a history of aged care in Tasmania
This diachronic study integrates archival research and oral history interviews to explore the history of aged care in one state of Australia, Tasmania, and illuminates the changes and continuities in conditions and practices within homes for the aged, and the shifting attitudes of Tasmanian society towards the elderly and those that cared for them.
A critical discourse analysis of British national newspaper representations of the academic level of nurse education: too clever for our own good?
It is argued that whilst nurses lack a voice in the National press, they have little input into the construction of newspaper discourse about nurse education and subsequently, limited influence on resulting public opinion, government policy and the morale of nurses.
Patient case records of the Royal Free Hospital, 1902-1912
The Royal Free Hospital, London, has never before been the subject of an academic study, though its progressive attitude towards admission requirements, medical social work, and medical women, made it an important and influential voluntary institution of the nineteenth and early twentieth centuries.
Editorial: the future of clinical nursing: meeting the needs of patients for compassionate and skilled nurses?
  • A. Bradshaw
  • Medicine, Political Science
    Journal of clinical nursing
  • 2011
It is arguable that, by emphasising compassion, competence and leadership the Prime Minister’s Commission is harking back to the system of nursing replaced 25 years ago, which it disowns but which it recognises to be still in the public memory.