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The Origins of Freedom of Speech and Press

  title={The Origins of Freedom of Speech and Press},
  author={David S. Bogen},
  journal={Maryland Law Review},
  • D. Bogen
  • Published 1983
  • Political Science
  • Maryland Law Review

Articles of Faith: Freedom of Expression and Religious Freedom in Contemporary Multiculture

ABSTRACT This article examines the relationship between freedom of religion and freedom of speech and expression within contemporary multicultural liberal democracies. These two fundamental human

Reporting the Community Beat: Practices for Moderating Online Discussion at a News Website

How managing comments at the NYT is not merely a matter of content regulation, but can involve reporting from the "community beat" to recognize emerging topics and synthesize the multiple perspectives in a discussion to promote community is discussed.

The Lee Family and Freedom of the Press in Virginia

The free press clause in the First Amendment to the U.S. Constitution is considered a unique and important part of our American democracy. While the origins of this right are a key to current legal

Licensing Open Government Data

Governments around the world create and collect an enormous and wide-ranging amount of data. For various social, political, and economic reasons, open data has become a popular government practice

Freedom of religion, equality and discrimination in the European Convention on Human Rights

This thesis proposes a theory of interpretation of the right to freedom of religion or belief under the European Convention on Human Rights (ECHR). It investigates the normative relationship between

The Press, Paper Shortages, and Revolution in Early America

The printing press helped to spread literacy, civic discourse, and even political dissent in colonial America. Without paper, however, the invention of the moveable type printing press would have