The Origins of “Social Justice” in the Natural Law Philosophy of Antonio Rosmini

  title={The Origins of “Social Justice” in the Natural Law Philosophy of Antonio Rosmini},
  author={Robert P. Kraynak},
  journal={The Review of Politics},
  pages={3 - 29}
Abstract “Social justice” is a powerful idea today, but its origins and meaning are unclear. One of the first to use the term was Antonio Rosmini, author of The Constitution under Social Justice (1848) and other works of moral philosophy. I argue that Rosmini arrived at his idea of social justice by developing Thomistic natural law theory into a novel view of the common good that balances two principles: (1) the equal rights and dignity of persons as ends-in-themselves, a version of… 
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The constitution under social justice
Chapter 1 On Constitutions of the French Kind Chapter 2 The Vices of Constitutions Chapter 3 Remedy for the Two Radical Vices of the Constitutions Molded on the French Model Chapter 4 A Constitutions
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