The Origin of the 300 km s−1 Stream near Segue 1

  title={The Origin of the 300 km s−1 Stream near Segue 1},
  author={Sal Wanying Fu and Joshua D. Simon and Matthew D. Shetrone and Jo Bovy and Timothy C. Beers and Jos'e G. Fern'andez-Trincado and Vinicius M. Placco and Olga Zamora and Carlos Allende Prieto and Domingo An'ibal Garc'ia-Hern'andez and Paul Harding and Inese I. Ivans and Richard R. Lane and Christian Nitschelm and Alexandre Roman-Lopes and Jennifer Sobeck},
  journal={The Astrophysical Journal},
We present a search for new members of the 300 \kms\ stream (300S) near the dwarf galaxy Segue 1 using wide-field survey data. We identify 11 previously unknown bright stream members in the APOGEE-2 and SEGUE-1 and 2 spectroscopic surveys. Based on the spatial distribution of the high-velocity stars, we confirm for the first time that this kinematic structure is associated with a 24\degr-long stream seen in SDSS and Pan-STARRS imaging data. The 300S stars display a metallicity range of $-2.17… Expand
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