The Origin of Oranges : A Multi-Locus Phylogeny of Rutaceae Subfamily Aurantioideae

  title={The Origin of Oranges : A Multi-Locus Phylogeny of Rutaceae Subfamily Aurantioideae},
  author={Thomas C. Schwartz and Stephan Nylinder and Chandrika Ramadugu and Alexandre Antonelli and Bernard E. Pfeil},
The phylogeny of Rutaceae subfamily Aurantioideae has previously been estimated only using plastid and repetitive nuclear sequences. We added sequences of two low copy nuclear loci to allow further diagnosis of phenomena that may mislead phylogenetic inference. After testing for patterns expected under recombination, positive selection, and hybridization, we excluded data sets or sequences accordingly and then inferred the species tree using the multispecies coalescent. We then reconstructed… CONTINUE READING


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