The Organized Crime Continuum: A Further Specification of a New Conceptual Model

  title={The Organized Crime Continuum: A Further Specification of a New Conceptual Model},
  author={Frank E. Hagan},
  journal={Criminal Justice Review},
  pages={52 - 57}
  • F. Hagan
  • Published 1 September 1983
  • Law
  • Criminal Justice Review
Endless and sometimes fruitless debate continues in the literature regarding a proper definition of organized crime as a concept. Much of this difficulty is associated with thefact that the concept has been viewed at a nominal level of measurement and the question asked: "Is this group and/or its operations an example of organized crime?" A neoteric, continuum (ordinal) model of the concept of "organized crime" suggests that such a question is futile and that an analogy can be drawn with other… 
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