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The Order of Things: Explorations in Scientific Theology

  title={The Order of Things: Explorations in Scientific Theology},
  author={A. Mcgrath},
Preface. Taking the Enlightenment Seriously. Renewing the Quest for Reliable Knowledge. On Developing a Scientific Theology. Introducing the Essays. 1. Alister McGrath's Scientific Theology. A review Article by Dr Benjamin Myers, University of Queensland. 2. Is a "Scientific Theology" Intellectual Nonsense? Engaging with Richard Dawkins. The Universal Scope of the Natural Sciences. Darwinism and the Impossibility of Theology. Faith and Evidence in Science and Theology. Theology as a Virus of… Expand
Emergence, reductionism and the stratification of reality in science and theology
Between the Scylla and the Charybdis: Theological education in the 21st century in Africa