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The Oral Transmission of the Early Buddhist Literature

  title={The Oral Transmission of the Early Buddhist Literature},
  author={Alexander Wynne},
  journal={The Journal of the International Association of Buddhist Studies},
  • Alexander Wynne
  • Published 30 June 2004
  • History
  • The Journal of the International Association of Buddhist Studies
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The Early Development of Buddhist Literature and Language in India

After some preliminary considerations concerning orality and writing in India and the date of the Buddha, this article re-examines the questions of where and when a version of the Pali Canon was

Did the Buddha exist

Extreme scepticism about the study of early Buddhism is common in Buddhist Studies. Sometimes it is even claimed that the Buddha never existed; myth is all we have. Going against this view, this


Several decades ago, Lance Cousins published an article arguing that the Oral Theory from the field of Classics is useful for understanding the early production and dissemination of the Buddhist

Unearthly Powers

Why was religion so important for rulers in the pre-modern world? And how did the world come to be dominated by just a handful of religious traditions, especially Christianity, Islam, and Buddhism?

The Two Forms of Religion: Being and Nothingness

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Again and again, historians and anthropologists articulate what is distinctive about religion as it functions in the particular society they study – in terms that could in fact apply to most

Scriptural Authority: A Buddhist Perspective

As other papers in this volume have already noted, there is a crisis of authority in modern religion, particularly in the West. One defining characteristic of modernity is a deep sense of rupture

The Buddha's ‘skill in means’ and the genesis of the five aggregate teaching Winner of the 2nd Professor Mary Boyce Award

Abstract The problem tackled in this article is ambitious. Through examination of how certain fundamental teachings of the Buddha originated – the author argues that those teachings must indeed go

What the Buddha Thought

In What the Buddha Thought, Richard Gombrich argues that the Buddha was one of the most brilliant and original thinkers of all time. Intended to serve as an introduction to the Buddha’s thought, and

The Play of Formulas in the Early Buddhist Discourses

The play of formulas is a new theory designed to explain the manner in which discourses (Suttas, Sūtras) were composed in the early Buddhist tradition, focusing at present mainly on the Dīgha- and

The Buddhist Philosophy of Language in India: An Overview

The attitude of Indian Buddhist thinkers towards language has varied in the course of history, depending on how they understood its nature, purpose, and efficiency particularly in the light of the



History of Indian Buddhism: From the origins to the Saka era

The "History of Indian Buddhism" is undoubtedly Msgr. E. Lamotte's most brilliant contribution to the field of Buddhist exegesis. The work contains a vivid, vigorous and fully-detailed description of

The Vinaya piṭakaṃ : one of the principal Buddhist holy scriptures in the Pâli language

The Mahâvagga.--v. 2. The Cullavagga.--v. 3. The Suttavibhanga, 1st pt. (Pârâjika, Saṃghâdisesa, Aniyata, Nissaggiya)--v. 4. The Suttavibhanga, 2d pt. (end of the Mahâvibhanga, Bhikkhunivibhanga)--v.

The middle length discourses of the Buddha : a new translation of the Majjhima Nikaya : translated from the Pali

BHIKKHU BODHI is an American Buddhist monk, originally from New York City. He received monastic ordination in 1972 in Sri Lanka, where he lived for over twenty years. He is the author, translator, or

Archaeology and Protestant Presuppositions in the Study of Indian Buddhism

The way in which the history of Indian Buddhism has been studied by modern scholars is decidedly peculiar. What is perhaps even more peculiar, though, is that it has rarely been seen to be so. This

Reading the Old Testament : Method in Biblical Study

One of the most reliable and helpful books on interpretive method is now available in a new and up-to-date edition. Firmly founded in the best scholarship, John Barton's Reading the Old Testament

Das Mahāparinirvāṇasūtra : Text in Sanskrit und Tibetisch, verglichen mit dem Pali, nebst einer Übersetzung der Chinesischen Entsprechung … herausgegeben und bearbeitet von Ernst Waldschmidt. Berlin, 1950–1951 (Abhandlungen der Deutschen Akademie der Wissenschaften zu Berlin).

  • T. Burrow
  • History
    Journal of the Royal Asiatic Society
  • 1952
DAS MAHAPARINIRVINASUTRA : Text in Sanskrit und Tibetisch, ..'"' verglichen mit dem Pali, nebst einer Ubersetzung der tChinesischen Entsprechung . . . herausgegeben und bearbeitet von ERNST