The Optimal Mix of Pricing and Infrastructure Expansions to Alleviate Traffic Congestion and In-Bus Crowding in Grand Casablanca

  title={The Optimal Mix of Pricing and Infrastructure Expansions to Alleviate Traffic Congestion and In-Bus Crowding in Grand Casablanca},
  author={Alex Anas and Sayan De Sarkar and Govinda R. Timilsina},
  journal={Transportation Planning \& Policy eJournal},
Like in many large cities in developing countries, traffic in Grand Casablanca, Morocco, is congested and public buses are crowded. These conditions are alleviated by a combination of supply-side infrastructure expansions, such as more buses and new road capacity, and demand-side pricing instruments, such as parking and fuel taxes. Using an empirical urban transportation mode choice model for Casablanca, this study finds a mix of these expansion policies and pricing instruments to alleviate… Expand
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