The Optimal Class Size for Object-Oriented Software

  title={The Optimal Class Size for Object-Oriented Software},
  author={Khaled El Emam and Sa{\"i}da Benlarbi and Nishith Goel and Walc{\'e}lio L. Melo and Hakim Lounis and Shesh N. Rai},
  journal={IEEE Trans. Software Eng.},
ÐA growing body of literature suggests that there is an optimal size for software components. This means that components that are too small or too big will have a higher defect content (i.e., there is a U-shaped curve relating defect content to size). The U-shaped curve has become known as the ªGoldilocks Conjecture.º Recently, a cognitive theory has been proposed to explain this phenomenon and it has been expanded to characterize object-oriented software. This conjecture has wide implications… CONTINUE READING
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