The Optical Analogue of the Compton Effect

  title={The Optical Analogue of the Compton Effect},
  author={C. Raman and K. Krishnan},
  • C. Raman, K. Krishnan
  • Physics
  • Nature
  • THE presence in the light scattered by fluids, of wave-lengths different from those present in the incident light, is shown very clearly by the accompanying photographs (Fig. 1). In the illustration (1) represents the spectrum of the light from a quartz mercury vapour lamp, from which all wave-lengths greater than that of the indigo line have been filtered out. Thisline (4358 A.) is marked Din the spectrogram, and C is the group of lines 4047, 4078, and 4109 A. Spectrogram (2) shows the… CONTINUE READING
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