The Old Man of the Mountain

  title={The Old Man of the Mountain},
  author={Charles E. Nowell},
  pages={497 - 519}

The Usage of Excommunication (Takfir) in the Ideology of Justice and Development Party (the AKP), Political Islamists of Turkey

  • R. Doğan
  • Political Science
    Issues in Social Science
  • 2018
The usage of excommunication goes back to the early history of Islam for the extreme Kharijite sect declared for the first time all other Muslims who did not agree with them as apostates and killed

The Business Transformation Framework and the Application of a Holistic Strategic Security Concept

Following the year 2018 article on the 9/11 terrori st act that hashit the Western hemisphere’s societa l, fin ncial and cultural Megalopolis, New York,the authorstryin this article to investigate

Before and After Ghostcatching: Animation, Primitivism, and the Choreography of Vitality

Primitivism gathers together several hegemonic lines of thinking about otherness as a function of underdevelopment vis-à-vis the Western, white male subject. This article presents an analysis of the

Nothing Is True, Everything Is Permitted: Premodern Religious Terrorism

Abstract In the beginning faith was the alpha and omega of revolutionary dreams and terrorist actions. This article will examine case studies among the Peoples of the Book—Judaism, Christianity, and

China as the Other in Odoric's Itinerarium

In his article "China as the Other in Odoric's Itinerarium" Dinu Luca discusses the various ways in which the otherness of China is approached and integrated in the fourteenth-century travel text

Birth of an Industry: Blackface Minstrelsy and the Rise of American Animation

In Birth of an Industry , Nicholas Sammond describes how popular early American cartoon characters were derived from blackface minstrelsy. He charts the industrialization of animation in the early

El “Baudelaire” de Michel Foucault entre Revolución y dandismo.

El articulo intenta analizar el concepto de Michel Foucault sobre la “estetica de la existencia” a la luz de las reflexiones de Baudelaire sobre el dandismo. Tomando como punto de partida la lectura

Sexual politics in the narratives of E.T.A. Hoffmann

This article argues that contrary to late-eighteenth, and early-nineteenth, century sexual politics and contemporary literary practice, the work of E.T.A. Hoffman (1776–1822) subverts the accepted

Portal, Society of the Seven Sages

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