The Ogievetsky-Polubarinov massive gravity and the benign Boulware-Deser mode

  title={The Ogievetsky-Polubarinov massive gravity and the benign Boulware-Deser mode},
  author={Shinji Mukohyama and M. S. Volkov},
  journal={Journal of Cosmology and Astroparticle Physics},
  pages={037 - 037}
We present our analysis of the theory constructed in 1965 by Ogievetsky and Polubarinov (OP)— the first ever theory of interacting massive gravitons. Its mass term is adjusted in such a way that the non-linear field equations imply as a consequence the linear Hilbert-Lorentz condition, which restricts the spin of states in the theory. Strikingly, for special parameter values this theory coincides with one of the “ghost-free” massive gravity models rediscovered only in 2010. For generic… 
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