The Object Oriented c++ library QIBSH++ for Hermite spline Quasi Interpolation

  title={The Object Oriented c++ library QIBSH++ for Hermite spline Quasi Interpolation},
  author={Enrico Bertolazzi and Antonella Falini and Francesca Mazzia},
The library QIBSH++ is a C++ object oriented library for the solution of Quasi Interpolation problems. The library is based on a Hermite Quasi Interpolating operator, which was derived as continuous extensions of linear multistep methods applied for the numerical solution of Boundary Value Problems for Ordinary Differential Equations. The library includes the possibility to use Hermite data or to apply a finite difference scheme for derivative approximations, when derivative values are not… 

Mesh selection strategies of the code TOM for Boundary Value Problems

  • F. Mazzia
  • Computer Science
  • 2022
New hybrid mesh selection strategies for boundary value problems implemented in the code TOM are presented, showing that the mesh selection and the strategy for solving the nonlinear equations are determinant for the good behaviour of a general purpose code.



The BS class of Hermite spline quasi-interpolants on nonuniform knot distributions

The BS Hermite spline quasi-interpolation scheme is presented. It is related to the continuous extension of the BS linear multistep methods, a class of Boundary Value Methods for the solution of

Quadrature formulas descending from BS Hermite spline quasi-interpolation

B-Spline Linear Multistep Methods and their Continuous Extensions

This paper analyzes a class of spline collocation methods for the numerical solution of ordinary differential equations (ODEs) with collocation points coinciding with the knots and proves that, provided the additional conditions are appropriately chosen, such methods are all convergent and $A$-stable.

Geometry + Simulation Modules: Implementing Isogeometric Analysis

G+SMO (Geometry+Simulation Modules), an open‐source, C++ library for IGA, an object‐oriented, template library, that implements a generic concept for I GA, based on abstract classes for discretization basis, geometry map, assembler, solver and so on.

BS Linear Multistep Methods on Non-uniform Meshes

This class of methods are introduced in the general case of a non-uniform mesh and numerical results showing their performance when dealing with some singularly perturbed Boundary Value Ordinary Dieren tial Equations are presented.

Spline Functions: Basic Theory

The material covered provides the reader with the necessary tools for understanding the many applications of splines in such diverse areas as approximation theory, computer-aided geometric design, curve and surface design and fitting, image processing, numerical solution of differential equations, and increasingly in business and the biosciences.

ARBTools: A Tricubic Spline Interpolator for Three-Dimensional Scalar or Vector Fields

ARBTools is a Python library containing a Lekien-Marsden type tricubic spline method for interpolating three-dimensional scalar or vector fields presented as a set of discrete data points on a

Algorithm 716: TSPACK: tension spline curve-fitting package

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