The ORION Center for Advanced Accelerator and Beam

  • ORION Proposal
  • Published 2001


Executive Summary: The ORION Center for Advanced Accelerator and Beam Physics Particle physics is addressing fundamental questions of the origin of mass and the observed symmetries in nature. Historically, these types of questions have been answered at the energy frontier, and exponential growth of center-of-mass energy and discoveries have gone hand-in-hand. Advanced accelerator research, with its goal of understanding the physics and developing the technologies for reaching higher energies, is essential for the future of particle physics. There are advanced accelerator concepts based on plasmas, lasers, high-gradient radio frequency structures, and novel technologies. They have significant promise of continuing the growth in available energy and, with it, profound new insights into nature. These concepts cover physics and engineering well beyond traditional accelerator physics, and they appeal to a broad spectrum of faculty, scientists and students who bring diverse intellectual inquiry to bear. This is a proposal from a Stanford/UCLA/USC collaboration for a Physics Frontiers Center, called the ORION Center, devoted to advanced accelerator and beam physics research. It includes performing a wide range of experiments, building a shared, user-oriented facility, and developing and using supercomputing expertise and resources that are the equivalent of the experimental facilities. This Center directly addresses crucially important new accelerator ideas written about in a January 2001 PHYSICS TODAY article where it says " … more new ideas are needed, for which we need more intellectual resources and support for them. " The Principal Investigators are recognized leaders in conventional accelerators, lasers, plasmas, particle source physics, and computer simulation, and this breadth is a key attribute of the Center. The ORION Center will bring them together in a research program that holds promise for significant advances through rapid assessment and development of new acceleration concepts. The foundation of the ORION Center will be specialized accelerators and infrastructure at the Stanford Linear Accelerator Center (SLAC) that will be available to the Center and will highly leverage the NSF investment in it. The Stanford Synchrotron Radiation Laboratory (SSRL) provides a precedent for a center-like initiative funded by the NSF, operated by a university, and taking advantage of unique SLAC facilities. SSRL was a singular success, and subsequently it made a transition from NSF to DOE funding. Research will begin, at inception of the Center, with experiments at the Final Focus Test Beam (FFTB), which is an extensively instrumented beamline at the end of the SLAC main linac that …

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