The OASIS Concept

  title={The OASIS Concept},
  author={Evangelos Bekiaris and Silvio Bonfiglio},
OASIS is an Integrated Project with the aim to revolutionise the interoperability, quality, breadth and usability of services for all daily activities of the elderly, by developing and deploying innovative technological challenges, consisting of a new, open architecture and a hyper-ontological framework. A wide range of applications are integrated in the areas of independent living, socialization, autonomous mobility and smart workplaces. User friendliness and acceptability of OASIS services… 
Enriched Web-services to Facilitate the Creation of User-tailored User Interfaces
A new approach to augment web-services to facilitate the creation of user-tailored user interfaces based on the ISO/IEC 24752-6: 2014 "Universal remote console -- Part 6: Web service integration" standard is presented.
Rapid Prototyping of Adaptable User Interfaces
The approach presented in this article is claimed to be the first and so far unique supporting rapid prototyping of adaptable user interfaces, thus minimizing the divergence between typical development practices and user interface adaptation development.
SIXTH: A Middleware for Supporting Ubiquitous Sensing in Personal Health Monitoring
This paper demonstrates how such functionality may be interwoven into a middleware solution, both from a design and implementation perspective, whilst supporting dynamic reprogramming as the needs of patients change.
AAL Platform with a "De Facto" Standard Communication Interface (TICO): Training in Home Control in Special Education
A very flexible interface in line with communication training allows dynamic adjustment of complexity, enhanced by an accessible mindset and virtual elements significance already in use, offers specific interaction feedback, adapts to the evolving needs and capacities and improves the personal autonomy and self-confidence of children at school and home.
An ontology-based approach to the automated triggering of coginfocom messages
The semantic synthesis of intelligent space, emotional-behavioral modeling and cognitive infocommunications is a promising approach in the multidisciplinary field applied for ambient assisted living.
Personalized e-Health for Elderly Self-care and Empowerment
This paper describes the OASIS Health monitoring system, a personalized e-health solution specifically designed for the elderly population in the context of OASIS EU funded project, with the
An Evaluation of Graphical Formats for the Summary of Activities of Daily Living (ADLs)
It is recommended that short periods of time are best presented in a pie graph format in combination with a bar graph format for representing extended timeline information to caregivers about their loved ones.
User Interface Design for Ambient Assisted Living Systems
If User Interface (UI) design for the elderly needs to address the issue of recognition to interfaces that require various key user interactions as age profiles increase is explored.
Construction of a CogInfoCom ontology
A possible way of the construction of such a model in form of an ontology, how the semantic intelligent space platform can be adapted for ambient assisted living is presented.
Enhancing accessibility: Mobile to ATM case study
The developed prototypes depicted in this paper provide multimodal interfaces for people with visual and motor difficulties so they can execute some banking services at an ATM by interacting with their smartphone or computer.


EUR 22532 Institute for prospective Technological studies European Commission User needs in ICT research for independent Living 2
  • OASIS Description of Work
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EUR 22532 Institute for prospective Technological studies European Commission User needs in ICT research for independent Living