The Nursing Ethics Heritage Project.


The Nursing Ethics Heritage Project was launched at the International Care Ethics (ICE) Observatory at the University of Surrey in January 2016. The first, and very substantial, collection of books and other manuscripts was gifted to the Observatory by nurse ethicist Professor Marsha Fowler. It includes every American work and edition between 1889 and 1965. Over the years, I have been struck by how little reference there is to earlier work in our field. It might appear to some that ethics as applied to care began with the publication of Carol Gilligan’s In a Different Voice in 1982. However, nurses have been thinking and writing about ethics in care since the 1800s. Too rarely do we take the time to read this important early work, and when we do we may find that issues and concepts we thought recent and original had been considered by our predecessors. As Alan Bennett writes in his play The History Boys,

DOI: 10.1177/0969733015625653

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