The Number of Triangulations on Planar Point Sets

  title={The Number of Triangulations on Planar Point Sets},
  author={Emo Welzl},
  booktitle={Graph Drawing},
  • E. Welzl
  • Published in Graph Drawing 18 September 2006
  • Mathematics
We give a brief account of results concerning the number of triangulations on finite point sets in the plane, both for arbitrary sets and for specific sets such as the n × n integer lattice. 
Counting Polygon Triangulations is Hard
It is proved that it is P-complete to count the triangulations of a (non-simple) polygon.
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We show that the triangulations of a finite point set form a flip graph that can be embedded isometrically into a hypercube, if and only if the point set has no empty convex pentagon. Point sets of
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We study the expected number of interior vertices of degree i in a triangulation of a point set S, drawn uniformly at random from the set of all triangulations of S, and derive various bounds and
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We introduce the abstract notion of a chain, which is a sequence of n points in the plane, ordered by x -coordinates, so that the edge between any two consecutive points is unavoidable as far as
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We show that the number of partial triangulations of a set of n points on the plane is at least the (n− 2)-nd Catalan number. This is tight for convex n-gons. We also describe all the equality cases.
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The main result presented here is a nontrivial combinatorial upper bound of this min-max value in terms of the number of points in the set, and a natural conjecture for the best upper bound is posed.
Counting Triangulations of Planar Point Sets
The maximal number of triangulations that a planar set of $n$ points can have is shown to be at most $30^n, which can be used to derive new upper bounds for the number of planar graphs, spanning cycles, spanning trees, and cycle-free graphs.
A Quantitative Steinitz Theorem for Plane Triangulations
It is proved that every plane triangulation $G$ with $n$ vertices can be embedded in $\mathbb{R}^2$ in such a way that it is the vertical projection of a convex polyhedral surface.
Triangulations of nearly convex polygons
The main result shows that the triangulation polynomial, enume rating all triangulations of a nearly convex polygon, is defined in a straightforward way in terms of polynomials associated to the "perturbed" edges.


A better upper bound on the number of triangulations of a planar point set
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Let T2nbe the set of all triangulations of the square [0,n]2 with all the vertices belonging to Z2 with the result that Cn2, the number of vertices in the square, is 2.
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Note – On the Number of Triangulations of Planar Point Sets
n points in the plane is at most .
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The triangulation path is generalized to (non triangulated) point sets restricted to the interior of simple polygons and proves to be useful for the computation of optimal triangulations.
Encoding a triangulation as a permutation of its point set
A new upper bound on the number of triangulations of planar point sets of at most 2 8:2n+O(log n) is obtained.
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This thesis extensively generalizes the famous formula of Heron and Alexandria (75 AD), for the area of a triangle, and presents the first linear time congruence algorithm for 3-dimensional polyhedra.