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The Notion of Time in Special Relativity

  title={The Notion of Time in Special Relativity},
  author={Yefim Bakman and Boris Pogorelsky},
  journal={arXiv: General Physics},
Even though the concepts of time and space are basic concepts of physics, they have not been vouchsafed a constructive definition. As to space, this is no wonder because a correct notion of space cannot be formed in the frame of the existing physical paradigm. However, a definition of time can be given on the basis of the simple principle that each physical magnitude constitutes a feature of some physical carrier (Costa, 1987). This article deals with identifying that carrier for the feature… 

A New Physical Paradigm

The inability to solve the dark energy/matter problem within the current paradigm has prompted many physicists to seek an answer in the nature of a vacuum. It has long been recognized that a vacuum

Solution to quantum gravity and other enigmas of the dominant paradigm

The main ideas of the future paradigm have been already stated, but were rejected owing to a lack of knowledge, untimeliness, or other reasons. It remains for us to look at the choices taken by

Adventitious blindness: The road to self-acceptance

Self-acceptance is the very foundation of one’s identity before developing other areas of personal well-being. People with adventitious blindness had experienced a lot of hardships, struggles, and



Boston Studies in the Philosophy of Science

"Semantic incommensurability", i.e., non-translatabilityofconcepts taken from different theories, is at the focus of the argument. 1 attempt to give a rational reconstruction of the notion underlying

The specific form of histograms presenting the distribution of data of alpha-decay measurements appears simultaneously in the moment of New Moon in different points from Arctic to Antarctic

It is shown that fine structure of distributions of fluctuations in different processes depends on position of the Earth with respect of the Moon. The same form of histogram was observed at New Moon

LETTERS TO THE EDITORS: Regular variation of the fine structure of statistical distributions as a consequence of cosmophysical agents

Considered is the statistical ground of the certainty of cosmophysical effects on the fine structure of distributions governing the results of measurements in various physical processes. We show that

PHYSICS OF OUR DAYS: Realization of discrete states during fluctuations in macroscopic processes

It is shown that due to fluctuations, a sequence of discrete values is generated by successive measurement events whatever the type of the process measured. The corresponding histograms have much the

Variation of Decay of Mesotrons with Momentum

  • Physical Review
  • 1941

‘ Variation of Decay of Mesotrons with Momentum

  • Physical Review
  • 1941