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The North Etruscan Thesis of the Origin of the Runes

  title={The North Etruscan Thesis of the Origin of the Runes},
  author={Karl M{\"u}llenhoff and K. Wein and Sophus Bugge and Hugo Gering and George Hempl},
The North Etruscan thesis has its foundation in a seminal article in­ cluded by Carl Marstrander in the first issue of his Norsk tidskrift for sprogvidenskap. Earlier authors including Karl Müllenhoff, Karl Weinhold, Sophus Bugge, Hugo Gering, George Hempl and Sigmund Feist had already promoted similar origins for the runes, bu t it was the Norwegian Marstrander whose name has come to be linked most prominently with this thesis in runology. The Finno-Swedish classicist Magnus Hammarström… 

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