The Norse Discovery of America

  title={The Norse Discovery of America},
  author={Iver Arne Langmoen},
  • I. Langmoen
  • Published 1 December 2005
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In the late 8th century, the stage for Viking expansion was set by commercial expansion in northwest Europe, the pressure of an increasing population in limited territorial reserves, and the development of the Viking ships. The Norsemen traveled extensively over the oceans, south to the Holy Land, and north to the White Sea and settled over a wide area from Sicily to Greenland. Historical sources, including the reports by Adam of Bremen and the Icelandic Sagas, describe several expeditions from… 
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Investigation of proposed Norse irrigation channels and dams at Garðar/Igaliku, Greenland
It has long been proposed that various features within and beyond the confines of the Greenlandic settlement of Garðar, in modern Igaliku, reflect a medieval irrigation system with interconnected
Impact Assessment of Current and Future Sea-Level Change on Coastal Archaeological Resources—Illustrated Examples From Northern Newfoundland
ABSTRACT Coastal archaeological heritage is potentially vulnerable to increased erosion resulting from predicted future sea-level rise and increased storminess. As all sites cannot be protected, it


The Land of Feast and Famine
The young Norwegian was Helge Ingstad, now famous for his discovery in 1960 of a Viking village at L'Anse aux Meadows (on the northern tip of Newfoundland) -- the oldest known European settlement in
mtDNA and the origin of the Icelanders: deciphering signals of recent population history.
The findings indicate that European populations contain a large number of closely related mitochondrial lineages, many of which have not yet been sampled in the current comparative data set, and substantial increases in sample sizes will be needed to obtain valid estimates of the diverse ancestral mixtures that ultimately gave rise to contemporary populations.
The Oxford illustrated history of the Vikings
List of Colour Plates List of Maps Notes on Contributors 1. The Age of the Vikings and Before 2. The Frankish Empire 3. The Vikings in England, ic./i790-1016 4. Ireland, Wales, Man, and the Hebrides
The Atlantic Islands
MR. WILLIAMSON has published a notable book on the Faeroe Islands, where he was stationed during the war years. IRe is the better qualified in that he married a Faeroese wife.The Atlantic IslandsA
Estimating Scandinavian and Gaelic ancestry in the male settlers of Iceland.
Results based on a study of Y-chromosome diallelic and microsatellite variation in 181 Icelanders, 233 Scandinavians, and 283 Gaels from Ireland and Scotland indicate closer matrilineal links with populations of the British Isles, which supports the model, put forward by some historians, that the majority of females in the Icelandic founding population had Gaelic ancestry.
The Vikings and America
The uttermost reach an expanding universe ships and helmets, poets and kings the stepping stones the ultimate step buckram Vikings archaeology ascendant grapes, gold and whales where was Vinland the
In the Northern Mists: Arctic Exploration in Early Times, in Chater AG (trans)
  • 1911