The Non-Singular Cubic Surfaces

  title={The Non-Singular Cubic Surfaces},
  author={Henry Frederick Baker},
  • H. Baker
  • Published 9 January 1943
  • Mathematics
  • Nature
THIS is a very remarkable monograph ; it is a direct product of war circumstances. After a curt verification of the existence (Cayley, Salmon, 1849) of a symmetrical system of twenty-seven lines, each met by five pairs of mutually intersecting lines, the author turns to a diagrammatic representation of the lines, by the joining segments of nine points which lie in threes on three coplanar concurrent lines. This is reached by considering how the lines would vary in a continuous deformation of… 
On the fundamental group of the space of cubic surfaces
The space of complex cubic surfaces is isomorphic to projective space V19 of dimension 19, by the correspondence which relates to each surface the set of coefficients of the defining equation. We
Rational lines on smooth cubic surfaces
. We prove that the enumerative geometry of lines on smooth cubic surfaces is governed by the arithmetic of the base field. In 1949, Segre proved that the number of lines on a smooth cubic surface
This article is a survey of the results on Hilbert's 16th problem from 1876 to the present. 1. HARNACK'S THEOREM. The number of branches of a non-singular curve of order m in RP2 does not exceed
We consider a smooth cubic surface S and its determinantal representations. The equivalence classes of determinantal representations correspond to sixes of skew lines on S. There are 72 such sixes of
Rational Parametrizations of Real Cubic
Real cubic algebraic surfaces may be described by either implicit or parametric equations. Each of these representations has strengths and weaknesses and have been used extensively in computer
Rational parametrizations of nonsingular real cubic surfaces
This work provides a method of extracting all lines of real cubic algebraic surfaces into five families by constructing and solving a polynomial of degree 27, and analyzes the image of the derived rational parametrization for both real and complex parameter values, together with “base” points where theParametrizations are ill-defined.
Determinantal representations of smooth cubic surfaces
For every smooth (irreducible) cubic surface S we give an explicit construction of a representative for each of the 72 equivalence classes of determinantal representations. Equivalence classes (under
Computational birational geometry of minimal rational surfaces
The classification of minimal rational surfaces and the birational links between them by Iskovskikh, Manin and others is a well-known subject in the theory of algebraic surfaces. We explain
Existence of Two View Chiral Reconstructions
This paper provides a complete classification of k point pairs for which a chiral reconstruction exists and shows that for five generic point pairs, the chiral region is bounded by line segments in a Schlafli double six on a cubic surface with 27 real lines.