The Nobel Chronicles

  title={The Nobel Chronicles},
  author={Tonse N. K. Raju},
  journal={The Lancet},
  • T. Raju
  • Published 1999
  • Philosophy
  • The Lancet
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Immune Exhaustion: Past Lessons and New Insights from Lymphocytic Choriomeningitis Virus
The discovery, properties, and regulators of exhausted T cells are discussed and how LCMV has been at the forefront of advancing the understanding of these ineffective responses are highlighted. Expand
Cytokines in the perinatal period - Part II.
The immunology behind four important and commonly encountered pregnancy-related conditions is explored: preeclampsia, recurrent miscarriage, preterm labor and gestational diabetes, and the current understanding of cytokines implicated in the pathogenesis is summarized. Expand
Los trasplantes regresan a sus orígenes. A propósito del trasplante de tejidos compuestos
Reviewing the history and future projections of these two specialties, it is found that these branches of modern surgery share not only the same origins but also the same goals. Expand
Part II: Reformers in Medical Education and Practice
It is shown that reforms are produced by people possessing critical judgement and analytical quality who influenced the direction of medical practice, and have been achieved through intuitive leaps, alterations of conventional practice, painstaking research or administrative restructuring. Expand