The Nineteenth-Century Indo-American Ice Trade: An Hyperborean Epic

  title={The Nineteenth-Century Indo-American Ice Trade: An Hyperborean Epic},
  author={David G. Dickason},
  journal={Modern Asian Studies},
  pages={53 - 89}
  • D. Dickason
  • Published 1 February 1991
  • Art
  • Modern Asian Studies
Thus it appears that the sweltering inhabitants of Charleston and New Orleans, of Madras and Bombay and Calcutta, drink at my well. In the morning I bathe my intellect in the stupendous and cosmogonal philosophy of the Bhagvat Geeta [sic], since whose composition years of the gods have elapsed, and in comparison with which our modern world and its literature seem puny and trivial; and I doubt if that philosophy is not to be referred to a previous state of existence, so remote is its sublimity… 
The Bengal Connection: Transnationalising America in The Namesake and The Tree Bride
Abstract A reading is presented of The Namesake and The Tree Bride as diasporic novels that transnationalise the host culture by inscribing the ethnicity and history of Bengal on to the cultural
Globalization and Contingent Colonialism: Towards a transnational history of “British” India
Global History creates an opportunity to rethink nineteenth- and twentieth-century empire and the extent to which imperial systems were confined to the operations of a single power. This article
From Persons to Hospital Cases: The Rise of Hospital Medicine and the Calcutta Medical College in India
The introduction of anatomical dissection secularized both the notion of the body and medical education stripped off from caste prejudice and parochial hierarchy and the hospital case records became a materiality through internalization of hospital medicine in its full gamut by Indians like S G Chuckerbutty.
Ocean of Trade: South Asian Merchants, Africa and the Indian Ocean, c.1750-1850
Acknowledgements Note on currencies Abbreviations Introduction 1. Merchants of the ocean 2. Crossings 3. Threads that bind 4. White gold 5. Africa in India Conclusion Bibliography Index.
Zoom in, zoom out: Geographic scale and multinational activity
IB scholars have long studied the multinational enterprise (MNE) and now recognize that its ability to capture value stems from its control of bottleneck assets. In contrast, economic geographers and
Ice(Berg) Transport Costs
Iceberg transport costs are a key ingredient of modern trade and economic geography models. Using detailed information on Boston’s nineteenth-century global ice trade, we show that the cost of
Fridge space : journeys of the domestic refrigerator
......................................................................................................................... ii Table of
Natural production of ice
Moral economies and the cold chain
In the late nineteenth and early twentieth centuries, the spread of what we now know as the cold chain sparked controversy in both Europe and North America. This article examines popular distrust of


The Book of Health
  • A. B. Dayton
  • History
    The Yale Journal of Biology and Medicine
  • 1954
The Hunted Heretic is the last of four monographs on the heretics; Mr. Bainton has made extensive use of original sources both printed and manuscript, and he has achieved a remarkably scholarly and interesting interpretation of Servetus.
Calcutta past and Present
only an interesting history of Calcutta, but the authoress has succeeded in painting a life-like picture of the social life in old Calcutta, and all who have learned to love the history of old
The Open Society and its Enemies
THIS is a book of great length (444 pages of text), great learning (168 pages of notes), but not of commensurate understanding. It is a pity, because its defects may conceal its undoubted merits.
The British in Benares: A Nineteenth Century Colonial Society
  • B. Cohn
  • Economics, History
    Comparative Studies in Society and History
  • 1962
The diffusion of British institutions, ideas, and values and the spread of the English language and of British peoples are among the major events in modern history. The study of the effects of this
Abstract A comparison of climatic data for the eastern United States from the 1830's and 1840's with the currently valid climatic normals indicates a distinctly cooler and, in some areas, wetter
Pioneers of Refrigeration
DURING the greater part of the nineteenth century, there was a considerable trade in natural ice, and ice cut from Wenham Lake, near Boston, in the United States, was known in many parts of the
Second Jungle Book
This is a collection of stories based around the characters of Akela the wolf, Baloo the bear, Bagheera the black panther and Kaa, the big rock python. The stories follow Mowgli, the man cub, through
Frederic Tudor – Ice King
  • Frederic Tudor
  • History, Economics
    Bulletin of the Business Historical Society
  • 1932
The business papers of Frederic Tudor, who for half a century was known throughout the country as the Ice King, have recently been deposited in Baker Library by his grandson, also a Frederic Tudor.
Health in India
It is suggested that clearing snow from roads and pavements should be the local authority's responsibility and that people with cardiac risk factors should be advised to let nature clear the drive and to leave the shovel in the shed.