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The Nine Lives of CAT-ASVAB: Innovations and Revelations

  title={The Nine Lives of CAT-ASVAB: Innovations and Revelations},
  author={Mary Pommerich and Daniel O. Segall and Kathleen E. Moreno},
The Armed Services Vocational Aptitude Battery (ASVAB) is administered annually to more than one million military applicants and high school students. ASVAB scores are used to determine enlistment eligibility, assign applicants to military occupational specialties, and aid students in career exploration. The ASVAB is administered as both a paper-and-pencil (PP long-term plans are to replace P&P-ASVAB with CAT-ASVAB at all test sites. Given CAT-ASVAB’s pedigree—approximately 20 years in… Expand

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