The Nikodym property in the Sacks model

  title={The Nikodym property in the Sacks model},
  author={Damian Sobota and Lyubomyr Zdomskyy},
  journal={Topology and its Applications},
Convergence of measures in forcing extensions
We prove that if A is a σ-complete Boolean algebra in a model V of set theory and ℙ ∈ V is a proper forcing with the Laver property preserving the ground model reals non-meager, then every pointwise
Convergence of measures after adding a real
We prove that if A is an infinite Boolean algebra in the ground model V and P is a notion of forcing adding any of the following reals: a Cohen real, an unsplit real, or a random real, then, in any
Weak Sequential Convergence in Bounded Finitely Additive Measures
It is well known that a σ -algebra Σ of subsets of a set Ω verifies both Nikodým property and property ( G ) for the Banach space b a (Σ) of bounded finitely additive measures defined in Σ. A classic


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