The Niger and the Classics: the History of a Name

  title={The Niger and the Classics: the History of a Name},
  author={Charles Kingsley Meek},
  journal={The Journal of African History},
  pages={1 - 17}
  • C. K. Meek
  • Published 1 January 1960
  • History
  • The Journal of African History
On 8 January 1897 the name of ‘Nigeria’ appeared in print for the first time. It was the title of an article in our leading newspaper, written by Miss Flora Shaw, who at that time ‘did the Colonies for The Times’, as Cecil Rhodes expressed it. Miss Shaw later became the wife of Lord Lugard, the great builder of Nigeria; and one of the greatest of all British Colonial Administrators. And here is what Miss Shaw said. 
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Solinus (xxxn, 2) says also ' Lacum efficit quern vocant Nilidem
  • Leo Africanus
De lacu Nilide oriri (Nilum) significat (Juba)' (cap. 6, 676; Pliny
    425 says that The interior of Africa southwards, after passing intervening deserts is inhabited by white Aethiopians, Nigritians and others of extraordinary peculiarities
      Nile at harvest time; for that this is the river's source is proved by the crocodiles and other animals that are bred here as well as in the Nile