The New Right and Metapolitics in France and Italy

  title={The New Right and Metapolitics in France and Italy},
  author={M. Casadio and M. P. Masterson},
  journal={Journal for the Study of Radicalism},
  pages={45 - 85}
T he label New Right (Nuova Destra in Italian or Nouvelle Droite in French), coined by the French press in the course of an intense media campaign during the summer of 1979, has long been a source of controversy and misunderstanding for both the protagonists of that political phenomenon and the various scholars who have dedicated themselves to the study of the history of the movement and its place in the politological catalog. Marco Tarchi, the foremost intellectual of the Nuova Destra in Italy… 
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  • Diorama Letterario
  • 1983
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