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The New Rational Manager

  title={The New Rational Manager},
  author={Charles Higgins Kepner and Benjamin B. Tregoe},
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Meeting sabotage: met and conquered

One of the most valued management skills is the ability to function effectively in such small group decision‐making settings as meetings. Nevertheless, studies admit that little is definitely known

Assessment, Refinement, and Narrowing of Options

A manager who must decide which of his employees to promote to an important, decision-making position finds that one candidate has had a string of remarkable successes, but bases all of his choices on the flip of a “special” 1964 quarter that was left in his office by a previous employee.

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Management science and economic theories of negotiations are tested using a unique data set. The History Channel television show Pawn Stars portrays many negotiations between customers and workers of

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This paper addresses two academic perspectives having different implications for management scholars. The first reflects the thinking of an empiricist or positivist, a perspective familiar to

Reporting for strategic control

A common complaint about strategic plans is that, once developed, they tend to be largely forgotten until the next planning cycle. At that time a review is made of the progress to strategic goals.

Entrepreneurs Enabled: A Comparison of Edelman Prize-Winning Papers

A study of 10 years of Edelman prize-winning papers (1977–1986) has yielded a wealth of information regarding applied contemporary managerial theory. We have distilled the core theory of seven


Any organization is confronted with a multitude of problems in a dynamic and complex environment. These problems can be independent, but, many times, they are interconnected. In this myriad of


The rise of the concept of sustainability reveals a pivotal shift in market thinking, thus pushing companies to reevaluate the method in conducting their decision-making processes. The main objective

The psychological typologies and learning styles of security managers in a large industrial organization

concrete (AC-CE) .85 .92 Active-reflective (AE-RO) .82 .93 Note. From User's Guide for the Learning Style Inventory (p. 98) by D. M. Smith and D. A. Kolb. 1986, Boston: McBer. *A11 significant at <

The Question Every Project Team Should Answer

Many aspects of project management are well understood, but one key factor is frequently overlooked: A significant number of projects fail to meet their business objectives because they were launched