The New Production of Knowledge: The Dynamics of Science and Research in Contemporary Societies

  title={The New Production of Knowledge: The Dynamics of Science and Research in Contemporary Societies},
  author={Michael Gibbons and C. Limoges and Helga Nowotny and Simon Schwartzman and Peter Scott and Martin A. Trow},
In this provocative and broad-ranging work, a distinguished team of authors argues that the ways in which knowledge — scientific, social and cultural — is produced are undergoing fundamental changes at the end of the twentieth century. They claim that these changes mark a distinct shift into a new mode of knowledge production which is replacing or reforming established institutions, disciplines, practices and policies. Identifying a range of features of the new moder of knowledge production… 
What can bibliometrics tell us about changes in the mode of knowledge production?
One of the most influential contributions to the fields of science policy research and science and technology studies during the last 20 years was The New Production of Knowledge by Gibbons et al.
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