The New Higher Level Classification of Eukaryotes with Emphasis on the Taxonomy of Protists

  title={The New Higher Level Classification of Eukaryotes with Emphasis on the Taxonomy of Protists},
  author={SINA M. Adl and Alastair G. B. Simpson and M. Farmer and ROBERT A. Andersen and O. Anderson and JOHN R. Barta and Samuel S. Bowser and G. Brugerolle and ROBERT A. Fensome and S. Fredericq and TIMOTHY Y. James and S. Karpov and P. Kugrens and J. Krug and Christopher E. Lane and LOUISE A. Lewis and J. Lodge and Denis H. Lynn and D. Mann and Richard M. McCourt and L. Mendoza and {\O}jvind Moestrup and SHARON E. MOZLEY‐STANDRIDGE and THOMAS A. Nerad and CAROL A. Shearer and ALEXEY V. Smirnov and FREDERICK W. Spiegel and MAX F. J. R. Taylor},
  journal={Journal of Eukaryotic Microbiology},
  • SINA M. Adl, Alastair G. B. Simpson, +25 authors MAX F. J. R. Taylor
  • Published 2005
  • Medicine, Biology
  • Journal of Eukaryotic Microbiology
  • Abstract. This revision of the classification of unicellular eukaryotes updates that of Levine et al. (1980) for the protozoa and expands it to include other protists. Whereas the previous revision was primarily to incorporate the results of ultrastructural studies, this revision incorporates results from both ultrastructural research since 1980 and molecular phylogenetic studies. We propose a scheme that is based on nameless ranked systematics. The vocabulary of the taxonomy is updated… CONTINUE READING
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